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Removal of Residual Elements In the Steel Ladle (Steel IOF)

The project will employ calcium injection to ensure an extremely low local oxygen potential and rapid reaction kinetics, in combination with a top slag to absorb the reaction products and hold those products without any significant reversion back to the steel bath. The focus of this work will be on feasibility of tin removal and ultimately to develop a process that will allow a greater portion of scrap with tin content to be used for steel production. This project aims to develop: 1) a method to remove/control undesirable residual ele-ments, such as tin, contained in a steel ladle, thereby, providing flexibility of charge materials into the steelmaking furnace; 2) increased recycling of steelmaking metallic materials, thereby, improving the environment and reducing steelmaking costs; and 3) provide a method to improve the quality of steel contained in the steel ladle, thereby, increasing its potential applications.
McMaster University
Issaac Chan
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave., SW
Washington, DC  20585

phone: (202) 586-4981

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