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Development of Technical Data to Validate Performance of Foundry Byproducts in Hot-mix Asphalt and Controlled Low-Strength Material

Metal Casting Image The goal of this project is to develop technical data to validate performance characteristics of foundry byproducts in hot-mix asphalt and controlled low-strength material. The data will be made publicly available and enable the construction industry to evaluate and use foundry sand as an aggregate for various materials. It is estimated that approximately 8 million tons of foundry sands and slags could be available for reuse every year. Most spent foundry sands and slags have characteristics that allow for reuse as fine and coarse aggregates in a number of engineered applications. However, the engineering specifications and technical performance standards for reuse of foundry sands and slags have not been developed. Additionally, the environmental characteristics of foundry byproducts in reuse applications are not universally understood. Compiling this information is prohibitively expensive for most small foundries. Together, these technical barriers constitute major impediments to foundry byproduct reuse activities. Controlled low strength material (CLSM) and hot mix asphalt (HMA) have been selected as initial targets to address the void of technical data. There are a variety of technical, economic, and environmental arguments that support a focus on these two applications. Both materials have been identified by the Federal Highway Administration as potential uses for foundry byproducts in highway construction applications. The project will develop a national technical database defining the technical parameters for the use of foundry byproducts in CLSM and HMA, as well as design guidelines for CLSM and HMA mix designs.
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