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Characterization of Surface Anomalies from Magnetic Particle and Liquid Penetrant Indications

Accurate numerical simulations are essential for steel castings in order to use the geometric flexibility of casting, and understanding surface/near surface anomalies is essential to achieve the accurate simulations. In addition, the current surface acceptance standard (ASTM A-903) may be excessively restrictive, resulting in scrapped or reworked parts due to surface indications that do not affect part performance. This project will produce castings at steel foundries and collect a variety of surface discontinuities to characterize surface/near surface indications and develop an inspection and analytical tool to evaluate the effectiveness of current surface quality standards.
University of Alabama - Birmingham
Malcolm Blair
Steel Founders' Society of America
780 McArdle Drive
Unit G
Crystal Lake, IL  60014

phone: (815) 455-8240
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