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Onsite Process for Recovering Waste Aluminum

The process developed by AAP St. Marys and demonstrated using a NICE3 grant includes an efficient new technology for remelting aluminum waste chips, increasing the yield of reusable aluminum by 6.5%. The technology uses a premelt incinerator that sharply cuts airborne fumes, dust and emissions. Because the process is performed onsite, the intermediate ingot step is eliminated and each batch of chips must be melted only once, saving considerable energy. Additional energy savings result from eliminating the transportation of chips to and from an offsite recycler. An afterburner on the melting furnace reduces airborne fumes, dust, and emissions to negligible levels. A recycling technique for machining oil coolant has also been integrated into the process reducing coolant requirements by 50%. AAP St. Marys has been using this process since 1993. This technology can be applied to other metal-processing and fabricating facilities that produce waste metal chips.
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