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Ultrahigh Speed Measurement of Internal Die Cavity Temperature Profiles for Process Control and Model Verification

Modern die casting technology is evolving toward increased use of computer-assisted diagnostics and control systems in order to improve the quality and cost competitiveness of die castings. These efforts rely on indirect measurements of various machine hydraulic and mechanical parameters in order to infer correlations to the dynamics of the die casting process. Industry has expressed the need for a device that could image the flow in the interior of a die casting die and, if possible, measure the temperature of the part as it is formed in the die cavity. A reliable prototype system has been demonstrated that will capture the time/temperature profile, internal to a die cavity, at sampling rate up to 100KHz. This system is configured around a production aluminum die casting die that was modified to allow the installation of small diameter cylindrical sapphire windows into the cavity. In order to measure the internal die cavity temperatures, radiation passing through the sapphire windows is monitored by a custom designed, high speed, two color ultra-high-speed infrared pyrometer or a high speed IR camera. Either device can be used to measure the temperature at various locations around the die cavity. Based on the these promising preliminary results, it is expected that continued development of this system will offer new possibilities for process control and modeling experimental verification.
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