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Casting Dimensional Control and Fatigue Life Prediction

The objective of this project was to determine the dimensional tolerances that can be achieved for steel castings and develop dimensional control guidelines. It has resulted in several key accomplishments. These include 1) developing a database of casting dimensional variability and casting process descriptors from production castings that can be used to establish dimensional capabilities; 2) characterizing pattern shrinkage allowances from production castings and tooling to permit the development of next generation pattern prediction factors; 3) developing guidelines for the use of measurement systems for casting inspection; 4) developing a database of thermal properties required for model construction and validation; 5) designing and constructing a test mold for geometric modeling, heat transfer analysis and model verification; 6) developing a useful tool for evaluating thermal cycles that a mold is subjected to during casting; 7) demonstrating that the interface between the mold body and mold insert significantly influences heat transfer through the mold; and 8) identifying how mold design, operating parameters, and mold strength affect crack initiation within the mold.
Pennsylvania State University
Thomas Prucha
American Foundry Society
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