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Thermal Imaging Control of High-Temperature Furnaces (Sensors & Controls)

The project will demonstrate and bring to commercial readiness a near-infrared thermal imaging control system for high-temperature furnaces that is rugged, self-calibrating, easy to install, and reliably transparent to the furnace operator. The near-infrared thermal imaging system fine-tunes the main furnace controller for improved combustion performance. The system measures the intensity of 0.5 to 1 million pixels, using multiple infrared wavelengths combined with a periscope probe to map the full field of combustion space during operation. Control algorithms minimize differences between measured field temperatures and temperature set points and send output signals to the main furnace controller, from reading to reading, to assist with furnace combustion control. A near-infrared thermal imaging control system will be developed and demonstrated to improve industrial process efficiencies and reduce airborne emissions. The system will be demonstrated on one or two industrial furnaces and afterwards will be marketed to all industries by a project team member.
Gas Technology Institute
Ehr-Ping HuangFu
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave., S
Washington, DC  20585

phone: (202) 586-1493
fax: (202) 586-6507

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