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In-Situ Real Time Monitoring and Control of Mold Making and Filling Processes

Mold characteristics and the filling process are recognized as two main factors in determining final casting quality of a cast component. However, extensive studies of the effect of the mold making process on the mold characteristics and casting quality have been limited and do not have a detailed procedure for quality control over the molds. Researchers at Tennessee Tech University will achieve the advancement of online measurement and control capabilities of a typical foundry to monitor the manufactured mold/pattern characteristics prior to and during the mold/pattern filling process of green sand casting and lost foam casting.
Tennessee Tech University
Ehr-Ping HuangFu
U.S. Department of Energy
1000 Independence Ave., S
Washington, DC  20585

phone: (202) 586-1493
fax: (202) 586-6507

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