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Enhancements in Magnesium Die Casting Die Life and Impact Properties

The objective of this project is to improve the toughness of cast magnesium alloy products and evaluate the effect these alloys have on the thermal fatigue life of steel dies used in die casting them. Jointly, these improvements are expected to accelerate the penetration of magnesium components into the automotive and commercial markets. The specific areas that will be examined in this study are the alloy selection, the processing conditions, and the life of the dies and tools that are employed to make these die castings. The AM-type magnesium alloys have the capability of providing high toughness. These alloys have to be processed while avoiding entrapment of damaging trace elements and casting discontinuities. This study will establish relationships between processing variables and the resulting alloy toughness and recommend best workmanship procedures for implementation in magnesium casting shops.
Case Western Reserve University
Steve Udvardy
North American Die Casting Association
241 Holbrook Drive
Wheeling, IL  60090

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