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Development of Surface Engineered Coatings for Die Casting Dies

The objective of this research program is to develop an optimal "coating system" that minimizes the major mechanisms leading to premature die failure. These mechanisms include: heat checking (thermal cracking), and gross cracking; erosive wear; and soldering and corrosion/oxidation. Ultimately, the goals of this research program are: 1) the achievement of increased die-casting die life; 2) increased surface quality of die-cast components; 3) decreased downtime during scheduled production; 4) increased substitution of aluminum die-cast components for steel and cast iron; and 5) decreased in-process (pre-consumer) scrap. This initial research program will concentrate on developing a coating system for dies used in Diecasting aluminum alloys. The measured outcomes from this research will quantify comparisons of the current aluminum die-casting practice with the measured results using the newly developed coating systems. A comparison of cost/performance will also be determined for the new coating systems using current cost data as the base line.
  • Expands the range of light weight die cast components which can be used in automotives thereby improving fuel economy. This could save an estimated 29 billion Btu in 2020.

  • Extends die life

  • Improves cost competitiveness of die cast components.

  • Improves the quality of die casting coatings and therefore die casting dies.

  • Reduces downtime in die casting operations.

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