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Increasing Productivity and Reducing Emissions Through Enhanced Control of Die Casting Lubricants (NICE3)

The goal of this project is to demonstrate at a commercial die casting facility the cost savings, higher productivity, and improved product quality that result from more efficient use of the lubricant needed for die casting dies. The project will also illustrate the effective control of emissions and effluent from the new process. Initially, measurements will be taken during traditional operations to determine the amount of coolant and energy used without a capture mechanism, and the amount and direction of emissions to determine how they may best be captured. The system will use standard capture equipment and will assess the degree of effectiveness. The improved die application system will then be installed with sensors to measure the temperature of die casting equipment. The sensors will determine when the application of lubricant is suitable after water has adequately cooled the equipment. Equipment to capture emissions and reuse lubricant will also be installed. Finally, the system will be assessed for differences in energy and waste savings and then demonstrated to potential users.
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